04 Dec

Baltimore man charged in the death of Kendal Fenwick

BALTIMORE (WBFF)– Baltimore City Police have announced an arrest in the death of Kendal Fenwick.

Police have charged 21-year-old Devante Brim with the shooting.

During a press conference Friday evening, police said Brim was no stranger to violence. After obtaining a warrant for Brim police were able to link the gun used in the murder of Fenwick to another shooting just five days prior. Police have not identified which non-fatal shooting the suspect has been ID’d for.

Fenwick was in the process of building a gate around his home, where he was raising his children in an effort to create more security by keeping drug dealers out of his yard.

After his death community leaders came back to finish the job. You can read more about the life and legacy of Kendal Fenwick here.