02 Aug

Capital Bikeshare Fourth Quarter 2010

The graph above illustrates Capital Bikeshare bicycle usage data during the first stages of their programing year, beginning in September 2010 – December 2010. You can see exponential growth in renting, reaching it’s peak in November of that year. Following with a steep decline leading towards the month of December.

In the first initial month of operation Capital Bikeshare had only 3,090 users, with Wednesday having the most at 865 riders. Rider usage increased in the month of October by 19,629, followed by another 8,694 in November. With the average bike rider usage at 8,000 for their first quarter/fourth quarter operation.

To date Capital Bikeshare has over 22,00 registered annual members, with 176 stations in the metropolitan areas and growing.

-Information gathered does not reflect registered membership, only Bicycle usage for the following months.
-Data gathered from Capital Bikeshare Dashboard.

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