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31 Mar

District Wire News

This week on District Wire News: Washington D.C. elections come to a close, along with open enrollment for health care. Also, Facebook joins Google Glass with wearable devices looking to the future with special guest Tech Guru Andrew Lih speaking on technologies ever changing role.  And the search continues for eight-year-old Relisha Rudd in Kenilworth Park. This week’s show was produced by Monika Thomas.  Our Anchors were Mary Bowerman and Monika Fidler.  Check back next week for more on District Wire News.









16 Dec

Activism in Takoma Park

This is a brief clip of my story featured on the DC Intersections website of American Observer.

This story took a lot time and effort in finding these activist hidden in the community.

Residents of Takoma Park, Md., see various forms of grassroots activism as a way to preserve the city’s history sense of community while adapting to the needs of a demographically diverse population. From health-based advocacy programs addressing African Americans’ and Latinos’ increased risk of diabetes to a “buy local” movement that seeks to preserve small businesses, residents say they feel their city is unique among the larger, more commercialized and racially divided communities that surround it.

One community activist says, through these varied grassroots initiatives, Takoma Park residents are making connections and creating a place where people can meet each other and hold conversations that have the possibility to spark change.

07 Oct

Cole Stevens Grooming Experience

Capitol Hill is known for its politics.  Nestled deep in the basement on Pennsylvania Ave. SE you can find Jared, a master barber who creates an experience like no other for his clients.  There aren’t many places in D.C. like this and its easy to see why.