03 Jun

Dunbar graduation ceremony over capacity, parents locked out and enraged

BALTIMORE (WBFF) –The atmosphere outside of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School was filled with anger and frustration Friday as a large number of parents and family members stood on the sidewalk, locked out of their children’s graduation.

Many of the parents had stamped tickets allowing them VIP access to event. However crowds of attendees forced school officials to shut their doors.

“I’m furious,” said Candace Bailey, “I have a ticket here and I cannot get in. I cannot see my graduate walk across the stage and I think that is unfair. I am devastated”

Bailey and her entourage estimated that there were over 200 people all waiting to get inside. Many of them had colorful balloons and wrapped gifts to commemorate the proud moment. Instead many were forced to wait outside until the end of the ceremony.

Some of the graduates, Bailey claimed, stood outside crying, refusing to go into the graduation without their family.

The school’s silence enraged many of the people left out on the school’s walkway.

“You have administrators that will not come out here and speak to us [and who] say nothing to us,” said Bailey.

Some parents were allowed access to the school’s gym to watch the graduation on a projection screen. The gym was supposed to be for parents without stamped graduation tickets.

Carol Jones, the mother of 10 children, told FOX45 she showed up to the school on time with her tickets but was refused entrance.

“There was just so many people that we just couldn’t get in.”

Jones, on the brink of tears, said she was really excited to see her son, the last of children at home, to walk across the stage. “We’re hurting, we’re sad. No one has come out to talk to us.”

FOX45 have not received an official response from Dunbar Officials at this time. Nor is there any notice about explaining entrance to the graduation on the school website.