17 Apr

Garage blaze in Edgewater linked to car fire

EDGEWATER, Md. (WBFF)– No one was injured in a large fire that caused significant damage to a detached 2-story garage late Sunday afternoon in Edgewater.

The fire caused an unspecified amount of damage and has been deemed a ‘total loss’ at this time, fire officials say.

The garage was occupied by two people who were working on a car when it suddenly caught fire around 4:30 p.m. They were both able to escape and called 911 without injury.

The fire spread from the inside quickly to the outside igniting two large propane tanks that subsequently erupted excreting its contents, officials say.

Investigators are looking into exactly what caused the car to catch fire.

Several dozen fire crews from surrounding counties were called to pitch in.

Due to the locality of the residence and lack of fire hydrants, a water tanker was called to assist in the extinguishing of the fire.

No additional details are available at this time.