29 Jul

Only the Beginning


At the age of twenty-six the first day of school is still overwhelming. From being out of school for three years and not knowing what to expect. To the many personalities I encountered, to having homework on the first day. Personally, I’m not the type of person who gets overwhelmed easily. But I must admit that I was nervous, a feeling that was most likely mutual within the room. Seeing all those saucy eyes, eagerly waiting to see what would happen. Yet here we are July 29th 2013 and the first day is over. Somehow I managed to navigate my first day of graduate school at American University unscathed. Not one bruise, bite or hurt feeling. I felt stronger than ever.

Now its time to WORK! The bar and expectations have been set high. Our professors made sure to inform us of what they expect from us. What they expect is nothing but the best. With an emphasis on no PLAGIRISM. I’m sure the thought hadn’t crossed the minds of my classmates. Yet they made sure we got the point. Today was very educational. We had an opportunity to meet with the faculty that will be heading our three-week Journalism Boot Camp program. A course that everyone must pass to be fully admitted into the eleven month program. The staff engaged us, giving a crash course in subjects dealing with excel, html, css, and the history o the Internet. All the information needed one would need to succeed in this program.

Now where do we start? My first official website post. I’m so excited! Writing online content makes me a bit nervous. Everything must be perfect, and perfection is something that’s hard for me to capture. There is no way that my nervousness will stop me for trying. With the reassurance that someone will always be there lending a ear, with open arms. Not only that, but they all have real world work experiences in the field of journalism. That’s a lot more than I can say about most universities.

My hope is that by the end of this course I have the necessary tools needed to complete this program; graduation. Making my professors proud of my work, myself included. I hope to see the progression in my writing style, importantly my journalistic writing style. Overall I hope to learn how to be a top-notch journalist in this ever changing field of journalism. While still marinating who I am.

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