22 May

Sometimes it’s not about the sights, but the sounds at the 141st Preakness Stakes

BALTIMORE (WBFF)– This year at the 141st Preakness it wasn’t just the horses who were faced challenges in the rain.

Waqas Sheikh, a 30-year-old blind man from Harve de Grace braved the muddy conditions on the infield just to have a good time with his friends.

Sheikh said that he could just stay at home and be intimated by the crowd or loud noises that could disorient him. But, he decided to challenge himself with something that he knew he would enjoy.

Despite being blind he wants to be happy and enjoy the things that he once did prior to slowly losing his eyesight in college.

For Sheikh, life isn’t about the limiting himself from the things that he enjoys because of his handicap, but pushing beyond those limits.