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31 Jul

Around the World in Thirteen Hours With Borislava

Here we are DAY 3 into our Boot Camp course and everyday is more interesting than the one before.  Today I had the opportunity to sit with one of my fellow Soc Graduate students. I was able to gain insight into who she as a person while and gain a new friend in this process.  So here it is the first interview of many this year.

She took a chance, only applying to one journalism school, hoping to be accepted.  Most wouldn’t take that chance.  Borislava Nikolova, a Bulgarian native to the capital of Sofia exceeded at her wish to study abroad.  “The education in the states would improve my skills in tennis, and in education.”  This statement led her to move to North Carolina to attend Campbell University, “Go Fighting Camels.”

On an athletic/academic scholarship, she finally had the vehicle to reach her goals.  Ultimately landing her at American University Graduate School of Journalism and Public Affairs.  She was lucky enough to attend an English Language High School in Sofia prior to migrating to the United States.  Borislava spent four years here from 2008-2012, graduating with a Bachelor in Business Administration, with a concentration in Trust and Health Management. She didn’t want to take a risk with majoring in journalism/english during her first years here due to her english speaking abilities. Eagar to go back to Bulgaria, she went back in hopes of landing a job in her field.

But when she went back home, things weren’t the same as when she left four years prior.  “Being recognized here, would help people recognize me more back home.”

Her friends stated that she had the “American way of thinking.”

When she decided to speak with her parents about returning to the sates for graduate school they were optimistic.  Violeta, her mother was opposed against her choice of going back, and majoring in journalism.  It wasn’t until her mother shared her concerns on this issue with a friend, that she had a change of heart.  This friend too, had a child that was a recent graduate of American University subsequently living a perfectly normal life in Washington, D.C.   Even securing Borislava’s choice in American University.  A last minute application submitted in February, receiving notification mid April of acceptance.

Bringing us to the present day.  This young and ambitious twenty-three year old woman has plans for her future.  Ones that include learning more about online technology, taking on the broadcast track.  Traveling around the world, meeting new people, and connecting with a wide range of audiences.  Eventually leading her back home to help with the media agencies there.  In hopes of becoming a world rebound international reporter.  Graduation from this program isn’t until 2014.  So expect more great things and news of Borislava.


Please feel free to vist her at: CLICK HERE